Keep your car road-worthy

WOF rust repairs, Wellington

If you don’t get a warrant of fitness for your car, then its value is virtually nothing.

Rust is a major and re-occurring problem when it comes to vehicles and with it the Warrant of Fitness test cannot be approved.

If your car is suffering from the problem of rust then bring it to us to work towards getting rid of it efficiently, and restore the value to your vehicle.

"Just a note of thanks ...

... for the great work done on my silver Fairmont this last week. I sincerely appreciated the use of your vehicle as well as your prompt, very professional service. As a busy mum I was thrilled to get the car back and see how nice and clean it was inside also. So thank you and cheers! 
Brenda Firth

P.S. You come highly recommended and it will be my pleasure to continue singing your praises."